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Order of Wedding Speeches

In days gone by, there weren’t as many wedding speeches as there are today. The Father of the Bride and the Best Man would get up and toast the new couple but that was about it. But today, everybody and their brother have something to say and want to toast the bride and groom. So with this many people wanting to give speeches, what is the proper order of wedding speeches? Does it really matter anymore?

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Origins of Wedding Speeches and Toasts

Wedding speeches, or toasts, date back to the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans. They would raise their cups to the Gods in hopes of gaining their favor. It was the Greeks that began performing toasts as a way to avoid being poisoned. Those Greeks were suspicious of everything. You couldn’t be to careful, anyone could be you enemy. When the Greeks got together to celebrate, everyone would drink from the same pitcher and each would pour a little of their wine into the next person’s cup. This would make sure their wasn’t any funny business going on.

The Romans would drop a piece of burnt toast into their wine to remove impurities. In those days, their were no preservatives and wine would go bad easily. The burnt toast would make the wine taste better. Around 55 B.C. when the Romans invaded Britain brought the practice to the area. “Toast” comes from the Latin tostus which means parched or roasted. The term stuck and with time, also came to mean a salute with a drink.

So What Is the Order of Wedding Speeches Then?

That depends. Do you want to follow tradition or are you more inclined to make it up as you go?

If you are very traditional, the Best Man will give his speech first. He will toast the bride and groom and is, generally, the Master of Ceremonies for the night.

After the Best Man gives his speech the groom will respond, toast his new bride, and thank the parents and so on.

There may be others that give speeches or toasts at this point. Lastly, the Father of the Bride will give a speech and thank everyone for attending.

If you are not a traditionalist then all the rules fly right out the window. For you there are no rules so have some fun. Lots of people will get up and toast the bride and groom and tell memorable stories they have of the couple. Spontaneity is the way to go. There still usually is some kind of order even for the non-traditionalist:

Who Else Can Give a Wedding Speech

The other Guests of Honor are a long and illustrious list. It basically means anyone the bride and groom deem close enough to them to give a speech. But here are some ideas on who can give Guest of Honor Speeches at a wedding reception:

Any of these people can give a speech if prearranged and okay with the bride and groom. After all, there is such a thing as too many wedding speeches. You don’t want the party-goers to be bored to tears.

So does the Order of Wedding Speeches even matter anymore? Not really. The days when wedding etiquette was etched in stone are long gone. More important are the thoughts conveyed during the speeches. As long as the bride and groom feel incredibly special and loved on their big day, the order of the wedding speeches does not matter.